Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University

Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University was established on 12 July 1960. It was earlier known as Bhagalpur University and the name was changed to the current one only in 1991. It is named after one of India's famous freedom fighter - Tilka Manjhi. 

It is a state university spread across a lush green campus of more than 260 acres. The University offers higher education to the students of the region and nearby places. 

The university has 6 Faculties, 34 Teaching Departments, 5 Research Centres and 12 Constituent Colleges, besides affiliated to it 10 Colleges and 11 B.Ed. Colleges. Currently, there are 130000 undergraduate students and 6200 postgraduate students. 

Vision of Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University

The vision and mission of the University as laid down by the University are

  • Education is a powerful tool to drive societal transformation and to build advanced knowledge society to meet the challenges of 21st century.
  • Quality, access, equity and accountability are the four pillars of knowledge revolution.
  • Generation, acquisition, possession and application of knowledge serve as foundation for building a strong and developed information society.
  • Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University aspires to become India’s most energetic and responsive university to produce highly skilled graduates and post graduates, to make them a scholarly community in Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Modern Science with full competence in their chosen professions, and also individuals of high character, probity and honour who would preserve and foster the cultural heritage of India.

Mission of Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University

  • Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University strives hard to explore for knowledge and wisdom, to achieve excellence in higher education, to emerge as a premier university of the country at par with the best universities of the world in terms of programmes offering, curriculum framework, facilitating accessible and affordable quality education to attain affirmative mindset and to develop scholarly, intellectual and professional skills among the students who can serve as responsible citizens of the global community, imbibing human values.
  • The university tends to accomplish status of quality research-intensive university addressing regional and national needs by having integration with other premier teaching and research institutions
  • It tends to discover, integrate, contribute and apply knowledge towards societal and community development.
  • The university would employ the strategy of proactive management of administration with high quality governance with efficiency, transparency and accountability.

Faculties of Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University

Faculty of Humanities 

  • University Department of Angika
  • University Department of Bengali
  • University Department of English
  • University Department of Hindi
  • University Department of Maithali
  • University Department of Music
  • University Department of Persian
  • University Department of Philosophy
  • University Department of Sanskrit
  • University Department of Urdu

  • University Department of Ambedkar Thought
  • University Department of Ancient Indian History
  • University Department of Anthropology
  • University Department of Economics
  • University Department of Gandhian Thought
  • University Department of Geography
  • University Department of History
  • University Department of IRPM
  • University Department of Library & Information Science
  • University Department of Political Science
  • University Department of Psychology
  • University Department of Rural Eco. & Co-operation
  • University Department of Sociology

  • University Department of Botany
  • University Department of Zoology
  • University Department of Physics
  • University Department of Chemistry
  • University Department of Mathematics
  • University Department of Statistics & Computer Applications
  • University Department of Home Science-Food & Nutrition
  • University Department of Biotechonology
  • University Department of Computer Applications

  • Commerce
  • M.B.A

  • Law

  • B.Ed.

Vocational Courses in Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University

  • MCA
  • Master of Chemical Analysis & Industrial Development
  • Diploma Course in Population & Human Resource Development
  • BCA (Self Finance)
  • BCA vocational course under Self Finance
  • B.A./B.Sc/B.Com (Information Technology)
  • B.Sc. Drugs & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • P.G. Diploma in Computer Application (Self Finance)
  • P.G. Diploma in Museology & Tourism
  • Advance Diploma in Para Medical (Self Finance)
  • Diploma in Computer Application (Self Finance)
  • Diploma In Computer Application& Library Automation (Self Finance)
  • I. Certificate Course in Computer Application
  • ii. Diploma In Computer Application& Library Automation
  • B.Sc. Bio- Technology (vocational course)
  • M.Sc. Bio- Technology
  • Master of Business Administration
  • P.G.Diploma in Hindi Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Graduate Diploma in Computer Application

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Number Of Academic Programmes in Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University

  • Post Graduate :34
  • Certificate Course :05
  • Diploma Courses :07
  • P.G. Diploma :01
  • Ph.D. :01

List of Constituent Colleges in Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University

  • T.N.B. College, Bhagalpur
  • S. M. College, Bhagalpur
  • Marwari College, Bhagalpur
  • J. P.College, Narainpur
  • Murarka College, Sultanganj
  • P. B. S. College, Banka
  • G. B. College, Naugachia
  • S. S. V. College, Kahalgaon
  • Bhagalpur National College, Bhagalpur
  • T. N. B. Law College, Bhagalpur
  • Madan Ahilya College, Naugachhia

Affiliated Colleges Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University

  • Mahadeo Singh College, Bhagalpur
  • Muslim Minority College, Bhagalpur
  • Sharda Jhunjhunwala Mahila College, Bhagalpur
  • Tarar College, Tarar, Ghogha, Bhagalpur
  • B.L. Sarraf Commerce College, Naugachia
  • S.D.M.Y. College, Dhoraiya, Banka
  • C.M. College, Bounsi
  • D.N. Singh College, Bhusia, Rajaun
  • L.N.B.J. Mahila College, Bhramarpur, Bhagalpur
  • Sanjay Gandhi Mahila College, Sheikhpura
  • C.N.B. College, Hathiyama, Sheikhpura
  • A.K. Gopalan College, Sultanganj
  • S.S.P.S. College, Shambhuganj, Banka
  • P. Yadav College, Katoria
  • City College, Bhagalpur
  • Sarbjanik Mahavidyalaya, Sarvodaynagar, Banka
  • Mahant Ayodhya Chandrashekhar Yadav College, Dhakamore, Banka
  • P.N.A. Science College, Sarai, Bhagalpur
  • Sabour College, Sabour

BEd Colleges in Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University

  • Adwait Mission Training College, Bounsi, Banka
  • B.Ed. Education, S.M. College, Bhagalpur
  • Govt. Teachers’ Training College, Bhagalpur
  • Teachers’ Training College, Barari, Bhagalpur
  • Madhwan Memorial College Of Education, Shivdham, Baunsi, Banka
  • Bimal Bibhuti College Of Education, Sabour, Bhagalpur
  • Puranmal Bajoria B.Ed. College, Champanagar, Bhagalpur
  • Mahatma Gandhi Teachers’ Training College, Katoria, Banka
  • Sri Krishna Manorama College, Shambhuganj, Banka
  • New Horizon Teachers’ Training College, Bhagalpur
  • B.Ed. College Of Education, Dhouria, Banka

Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University
Bhagalpur, Bihar, PIN-812007 
Phone: +91 - 641 - 262 0353
Phone: +91 - 641 - 262 0100 
Email: registrar@tmbuniv.ac.in, registrartmbu07@gmail.com

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